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Busy BunkeR

A game about keeping a war bunker running as a unwieldy robot

  • Team Size: 1

  • Development Time: 2 weeks, 2018

  • Status: Prototype

  • Tools Used: Unity

  • Platform: PC 



Busy Bunker is a stressful action management game in which the player controls a small robot trying to keep all the defenses of a big bunker running as waves of enemies crash against it. If the bunker's turrets didn't run out of ammo, airstrikes came in on their own, and the cannon aimed itself the game would be a breeze. The problem is that the turrets need to be reloaded, the airstrikes have to be called in manually, and the cannon needs to be cranked into a firing position. The player has to do their best to manage all three of these tasks at once. Making sure that you're always in motion, and always where you're needed most are the keys to Busy Bunker.

Gameplay Video


This project was my first plunge into Unity and as such is primarily made out of the coding equivalent of spit and ducktape --which resulted in a few bugs and some general wonkiness. Another big issue is that the game needs more art to explain what's happening during gameplay, mostly to explain the tank controls of the player as they're a one wheeled robot as opposed to a humanoid character. I'd love to go back one of these days and remake this project with a splash of art, bug fixes, and a few new mechanics and mini-games such as manually typing in coordinates for an airstrike. I had a ton of fun making this project and truly enjoy its gameplay! It's a fixer upper but I love it!     

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