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In roleplaying games the rules are more guidelines than rails

  • Team Size: Solo Project

  • Development Time: 1.5 years

  • Status: Ongoing

  • Tools Used: InDesign, Photoshop, Blender

  • Platform: Book Print PDF


Currently undergoing a major overhaul! 

More information soon 


INOURA is a universal setting tabletop RPG rules system designed for roleplay heavy groups. The system provides groups multiple options for many rules allowing it to be modified to fit each campaign's unique playstyle. INOURA was created to solve my personal issue of heavily modifying rule systems for each campaign that I ran. I've found the often tactical combat focused rules for many systems took the didn't fit my group's playstyle. 


While my original goal was to make this a custom system to fit just one campaign I found that as I was writing I kept amending different aspects of the rulebook with options based on how the players wanted to play. For example: 


A flat 20 on a d20 die always results in a success and a flat 1 always results in a failure, but these are not classic “criticals” IE they don’t provide massive bonuses or penalties. Critical successes come from the result of a flat 20 while a boon is affecting the roll and flat 1s critically fail if a bane is affecting the roll. 

Ideally this should keep the excitement of rolling a 20 or fear of rolling a 1 while reducing the amount of “wacky criticals” in the game. It also adds weight to whether a roll is affected by boons or banes --emphasizing the value of skills and training.     

If you’re running a more light-hearted or comedy focused campaign you may want to make any roll of a 20 a critical success and any roll of 1 as a critical fail as that type of randomness can setup some fantastically bizarre scenarios and generally generate a lot of laughs. 

I decided to embrace this rule writing style, offering many small choices that allow players to craft a unique system should provide something that fits close to what most groups and most settings are looking for. The universal nature of INOURA also allows it to be slotted into any existing setting (tested with Shadow of the Demon Lord, modern Shadowrun, and Warhmammer 40k. The greatest difficulty with these systems is bringing the unique magic, weapons, and gadgets of their worlds into INOURA. There is a general armory and rule set to allow for the creation of items and magic systems that fit different settings, but often some of the fun minutiae is lost in order to provide more fast and flexible rules.  

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