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Exponential Archer

A game about archery where positioning and timing are more important than aim.

  • Team Size: 1

  • Development Time: 2 weeks (2018)

  • Status: Prototype

  • Tools Used: Unity

  • Platform: PC 



Exponential Archer is a fast-paced top down shooter where the player controls a character weilding a bow with a rather unique ability --the longer the arrow is drawn the more powerful it becomes. Exponential Archer is an almost rythmic dance about finding the perfect balance between offense and defense. The player character can only attack while stationary but enemies are aggressive, fast, and numerous. Charging up attacks makes the player vulnerable, but without taking risky shots enemies will eventually overwhelm the player. This is aimed to create a stressful, challenging player experience that necessitates taking risks but also an empowering experience that rewards timing, awareness, and reflexes with screen shake, explosions, and victory. 

Gameplay Video


Exponential Archer has an enjoyable core mechanic but is let down by the overall design of the game. The best part of this game was when players asked if there was a limit to the strength of arrows. Upon learning that they could charge arrows infinitely the immediate response was always to see exactly how powerful they could make an arrow --which almost always resulted in the player quickly blowing up themselves and half the map. The problem was that while the feedback and gameplay abilities (shooting and dashing) were fun in there own space they weren't significantly supported or enhanced by the map or enemies. This is almost entirely because of the poor map design, because enemies spawn so predictably and it's easy to setup in one of the corners. This turns things into a strange rhythmic wave defense where the player's focus isn't on positioning but instead of timing their attacks and having high accuracy --why reposition when you’re completely safe? Having a larger, more complex level with enemy spawn points scattered throughout it, and with more enemy types than just swarmers, chargers, and heavies would likely solve this.

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